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FA18 Group Photo

2018 Fall Group Photo (L-R, back row-front row): Austen, Max, Joseph, Austin, Chris, Benjamin, Scott, Jun, Brett, Mas, Grace, Vidhara, Darbi, Alyssa, Ellie

NASSCC 2017 - UCSB Group Photo

2017 North American Solid State Chemistry Conference, UC Santa Barbara (L-R): Max, Blake, Joseph, Mas, Dillon, Bella, Ellie, Brett


Our research efforts focus on designing new inorganic solid state functional materials for emerging applications in the fields of:

  • electronics, including topological insulators
  • solid-state energy conversion and storage
  • superconductivity
  • magnetic materials
  • catalysis
  • durable high performance color pigments
  • efficient environmentally benign chemical synthesis processes (e.g. rapid synthesis of high-temperature materials using microwave radiation)

We are particularly inspired by the challenges involved in developing design concepts for materials with conflicting or contraindicating properties, as seen in:

  • thermoelectrics
  • multiferroics
  • high K dielectrics
  • negative thermal expansion materials

The team has a track record of making important and exciting scientific breakthroughs in materials chemistry.  Discoveries have been given prominent coverage throughout the world in leading newspapers and magazines – including The New York Times, TIME, NPR, National Geographic Magazine, C&EN news, La Monde (France), Geo (Germany), Chemistry World (UK), and The Hindu (India).  For more information, click the image below.